Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Boy Who Loved Words

Deliberate. Luxurious. Mystical. Resilient. Savory. Cooperative. Scrumptious. Intricate. Spry. Mellifluous. Ample. Spectacular.

While other children might collect rocks, feathers, or stamps, Selig is a collector of words. Words that moved his heart, like mama, and words that ring in his ears, like tintinnabulating, and words that he can taste with his tongue, like tantalizing. Other children find him unusual, which leads to loneliness, but following an inspiring dream, Selig sets out on an adventurous journey to find his purpose as a word collector. As he finds inspiration for his word collection, he also acquires a purpose for his spread words, to sprinkle, disburse and broadcast them. Selig discovers new happiness in the spreading of his word collection and helping those in need find their words.

Logophiles unite! I originally purchased this book for my littlest guy, who has been a wordsmith nearly all of his life. Slow to talk but quick to use words much bigger than most his age, he has long been a collector of words, and I knew this book would quickly become a favorite. I was surprised to discover though that this would find a place in the hearts of nearly all in our family as we read through Selig's word collections and his sprinkled words throughout the town. What a great resource for elementary school classrooms to build vocabulary in a fun, unique way!

You can find The Boy Who Loved Words in the Picture Books - Books with Strong Males section of The Book Children Store.