Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Princess Labelmaker to the Rescue

My older boys have been huge fans of the Origami Yoda books since the first one came out when my oldest was in upper elementary school. Since then, both older boys have eagerly anticipated the arrival of each new volume in the series. The excitement over the books hit its peak when they were able to meet Tom Angleberger in person 2 summers ago and get his signature in the Fortune Wookie book. (I blogged about that experience, and the flurry of paper-folding that commenced, here.) They were, of course, thrilled to get the latest addition, Princess Labelmaker to the Rescue recently, and Paulie, my 14 year old, was kind enough to review it for you here:
The kids at McQuarrie Middle School love origami. Their elective classes were taken away because they scored too low on the mandatory testing. The electives were replaced with a program called FunTime which is a guy with his singing calculator teaching everyone how to do simple problems. The kids want their electives back. They start this club called the Origami Rebel Alliance, each of the club members has their own origami counterpart, to demand their principal give them the electives back. The kids wrote a case file, but it was stolen by a mysterious person called Princess Labelmaker and given to the principal along with a origami Princess Leia. 
I liked the book. It was a good addition to the series. I’m anxious to read the last one. And I really can’t wait to try out the origami instructions in the back of the book!

Since I was fortunate enough to win a pair of books, including Princess Labelmaker, in a giveaway last week, I thought I'd pay it forward to one lucky winner here at The Book Children! You can enter the giveaway below in the Rafflecopter. This giveaway only lasts for 24 hours! Enter now!

All of the Origami Yoda Books are available in a new Humor section of The Book Children Store.

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  1. Watson is collecting/reading this series and loves them! We don't have this one yet and would love it! - Sherri

  2. My son loves these books and would be thrilled!!

  3. Been wondering about these books for a long time. Thanks for the chance!

  4. My son Jacob loves this series and has yet to get his hands on this book.