Thursday, May 1, 2014

Rump - an interview

Elizabeth received a copy of Rump: The True Story of Rumpelstiltskin for Christmas this year. Since it's been high on many middle grade book lists this year, but I've yet to read it, I decided to feature it here in interview form. It's also worth noting that Elizabeth raved about it; Paulie read this when she finished and enjoyed it as well. Also, my father-in-law started reading it when we were visiting him at Christmas-time, and he enjoyed it so much that he bought a copy when we left so that he could finish it!

Can you give me a brief description of Rump?
In the book, your name is your destiny. When Rump was born, he didn’t hear his full name; he only knew his name as Rump. Since being called Rump, he’s had a bad destiny. Mean boys chase him down the street and throw stuff at him. His mother died, and he had to live with his grandmother. He’s been trying to find his full name, and by finding his true name find his true destiny. By the end, he found out that you can help control your own destiny not just your name or what other people think of you.

What ages would you recommend to read Rump
Pretty much anyone who could understand the story. 9 and up. Even adults would like this story.

How closely did Rump stick to the original Rumpelstiltskin story? 
Pretty far from the original fairy tale but they keep the basic story line.

What was your favorite part of Rump
That they could spin anything into anything…grass to silver…wool into yarn. And I liked that the yarn could dye while they spun using their emotions. One time, while someone spun, she became angry and the dye grew darker into a very dark deep purple, then as she calmed down, the wool lightened to a lavender.

Do you think Rump should have a sequel?
No. The story was finished, and I was satisfied with ending.