Thursday, May 22, 2014

Harry and Horsie

Harry and Horsie might be the most-read picture book that my 7-year-old owns. Each kid seems to have his or her own particular favorite, amongst a shelf full of special books. Harry and Horsie seems to have the longevity to still frequently find its way into the bedtime reading even now, nearly 5 years after he first fell in love with the space-visiting duo.

Harry, while in bed one evening, spies his Super Duper Bubble Blooper sitting on the shelf and can't resist just a few more minutes of play before falling asleep. As he bloops bubbles, a few of his toys become trapped inside and bloop right out his window! Before he knows what's happening, he favorite pal, Horsie, is trapped inside a bubble and blooped right out into the night sky. What is Harry to do? Fire up his toy rocket ship and follow Horsie into space, of course!

The tale of Harry and Horsie is by turns adorable and amusing, but the truly exceptional artwork make this book worth adding to your library. The retro comic-style illustration in a limited palette of primary colors pops off of each page with pizzaz reminiscent of Roy Lichtenstein's 60s-era paintings. I was sold the first moment I saw this book, and fortunately, my little boy agrees!

You can find Harry and Horsie in the Picture Books section of The Book Children Store.


  1. It is very intersting artwork - unusual. My children always had their favourite book - preferred above all others - at certain times. I wonder if they remember what they were? When I was young it was A Child's Garden of Verses by Robert Louis Stevenson. Do you remeber yours?

  2. These illustrations look great - will check this one out.