Thursday, May 8, 2014

Because of Mr. Terupt

The audiobook version of Because of Mr. Terupt has been on near constant play in our car recently. This, despite the fact that both of my older boys had already read it. All 4 of my kids enjoyed it immensely, which clearly means it needs a review here on The Book Children.

Because of Mr. Terupt, told from the voices of 7 different students, describes the year that Mr. Terupt, a young new teacher, came to teach their fifth grade class. The home lives of the various children, discussing topics including divorce, sibling death, teen pregnancy, help the reader understand their perspectives. By getting inside each of the student's heads, their characters are quickly fleshed out, and their differences make it easy for children to relate to them. Mr. Terupt is a patient, enterprising teacher who seems to desire to "get" each one of them and help them on a personal level. To expose the climax of this book would be a huge spoiler, but it's safe to say that most third to sixth grade students would enjoy this read. You also might never look at words the same way after hearing about "dollar words". ;)

You can find Because of Mr. Terupt in The Book Children's Store in the Middle Grade Books section.

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