Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Wily Woodchucks

A few months ago while visiting the Strand, I stumbled on this little jewel of a summer book by Georgia Travers. The Wily Woodchucks follows the Gág family's summer in New Jersey and their experience with the woodchucks that would pirate their vegetable garden. The Wily Woodchucks was illustrated by a younger member of the Gág family.

Georgia Travers was a childhood friend of Wanda Gág, who became a famous illustrator, printmaker and author, and wrote the biography for her friend. This book offers a charming, if rare, glimpse into Wanda Gág's childhood.

The simple, 1940s illustrations are a sweet addition to the funny and mischievous story of these two woodchucks who alternately plague and thrill the family who is trying to protect their garden while enjoying the presence of the delightful woodchucks.

I particularly enjoy the illustration of various organic tactics of keeping pests from the garden. What an impression it makes on kids who see the humane, non-chemical way to have their veggies and cute little woodchuck friends too.


  1. Looks like a really sweet book!


  2. I've been loving the books, even if some of them remind me how old I am LOL!

    I know you're other blog is probably more appropriate, but since this is your new baby, I am passing on this award here :)