Thursday, July 15, 2010

first art books

I discovered one of these at a high end children's shop and one at a thrift shop when Finn was very small and they quickly became two of his favorite board books. With such vibrant color and varied art, they captured his attention and even occasionally now he'll flip through one and want to talk about the images he sees.

Part of the Mini Masters board book series, A Magical Day with Matisse features such lovely, vibrant color overflowing even beyond the magical paintings of Matisse.

Loosely describing the scene, lyrical text accompanies the paintings, although sometimes we would just talk about the items in the room, for example, instead of reading it like a book.

Elizabeth has held immense love for Van Gogh since she was about 3 so it was natural that she would want to share In The Garden With Van Gogh with her brother.

Even now as Finn is moving beyond the board book phase, we enjoy counting the irises and grouping them by color. Endless possibilities!


  1. I have seen these books and I love them. I buy them as gifts for little ones often. I would also suggest you check out these...
    Museum ABC

    Museum 123

    Museum Shapes
    all by the NY Mtropolitan Museum of Art.

    Stunning books.

    We also like the art seek and find books from the Can You Find It? series

    I love book sharing!!!

  2. I would love to get these books for Princess! I love impressionist art, whereas her favourite painter is Salvador Dali (she's almost 4 btw, but she saw his exhibition twice just before she was 3).

    We have found some lovely picture story books about artist at our library. She loved the book on Frida Kahlo, and this week we picked up one on Georgia O'Keeffe which is very beautiful and she has also enjoyed.

    Oh, and we have read a few of the Can You Find it books also. They do have different age appropriateness, as the Can You Find It, Too? book we borrowed had very detailed works that were a little difficult for young readers, but Can You Find It Inside? was certainly more suited.

  3. I requested that our library get these last year and they did! I love them.

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