Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I *heart* Tasha Tudor

I *heart* Tasha Tudor. I love her for many reasons. I love her for 1 is One, I love her for the Corgiville books and I especially love her for Pumpkin Moonshine. Most of all, though, I love her amazing illustrations set to Scripture. And It Was So is the latest in our collection of these beautiful books and the luminous illustrations I've come to adore and expect in her work are abundant.

She takes some of the more simple verses from the Bible and brings new relevance for children with her simple watercolors and charcoal drawings that speak to children where they are.

This book, like many of her others, alternates between colored pictures and simple charcoal drawings, and covers verses from creation through the life of Jesus.

Her dream-like quality of illustration really enhances the spiritual meaning in the verses while bringing pictures of children doing what they do best, such as the below photo of a child playing with the ducks in a puddle: God prepares rain for the earth. All children identify with the rain God prepares when they are placed in the middle of an activity they've surely participated in.

We have others of Tasha Tudor's books illustrating Scripture as well, and I may blog about them at some point, but this book with it's broad coverage is truly a treasure to behold.


  1. I heart her too. I look at her illustrations and think, I want to be little again and be in there!

  2. She is very much loved in our family too, especially by my oldest daughter, her illustrations and her life are truly inspirational.

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