Monday, July 26, 2010

pig week: Toot & Puddle

A chance stumble upon the 10th Anniversary edition of Holly Hobbie's Toot & Puddle won Finn's heart in the biggest way. He has since acquired a few more Toot & Puddle books and borrowed a few from the library (and he *might* even have a few coming for Christmas) but his favorite, by far, is the one that started it all...

Watching Toot travel through so many foreign lands on so many adventures, he is mesmerized by "what Toot's doing now" and "where is Toot?"

And then there are Puddle's adventures, less glamorous but sweetly familiar.

The illustrations are gentle but charmingly silly, unlike so many children's books today that really can put you into sensory overload.

And Finn loves to hear, over and over, the funny postcard messages that Toot sends from his travels:

I also really appreciate how the adventures Puddle enjoys back in Woodcock Pocket travel through each month, generally sticking to nature appreciation. Isn't Puddle jumping into the pond the sweetest picture?

Join us for the rest of the week and meet a few more amazing porcine picture books.


  1. I have never seen these. They look so sweet! Thank you for sharing Joy. This blog is fabulous!

  2. Oh! All I can say is Oh!!! I really need to find that book. :)

  3. I think we first learnt of Toot & Puddle via Nick Jnr and loved the series, so when I saw the books (well, a whole two of them!) at the library I had to grab them. And the fact that the author is named Holly Hobbie makes me laugh each time! LOL

    I also love this book. That one is an adventurer, and the other finds contentment at home, but the are best friends, shows how different people can still enjoy each others company.

    And, as postcard collectors, we love seeing all of Toot's postcards :)

  4. I admit, we have seen the show but we haven't read the book. It looks terrific!!