Monday, July 19, 2010

flower fairies

If you've never had the pleasure of reading one of Cicely Mary Barker's fairy books, you need to head straight to the library pronto and resolve that little problem. ;) We, and by we I mean mostly Elizabeth, are huge fans of her work here. Her drawings are so beautiful and ethereal you'll want to head straight into your flower beds to start searching your buds for their fairy inhabitants.

The verses she writes to accompany each fairy are simple and quite amazing. The poetry in Flower Fairies of the Summer is particularly enjoyable. She really seems to capture the magic of summer and the nature which lies therein.

I think her depictions of children in many of her fairy drawings invite children to identify with them more. And her anatomically correct flowers are a fascination to observe in such a magical setting.

This book and many of Barker's others have truly inspired Elizabeth's imagination, as I'm sure they do for many children.

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  1. I used to devour these books when I was Elizabeth's age. I can remember completely getting lost in her drawings. Zach likes these books as well (his 5th birthday party was flower fairies inspired). They are timeless!

  2. I wish my girls were more into these. I got some of these lovely books by request at our library, too. Maybe my youngest daughter will grow up to like them better.

  3. I recently learned about these books on a Waldorf homeschooling list and instantly fell in love! The illustrations are so beautiful, and my pre-reading daughter likes to make up stories about the different fairies. Her fifth birthday was also a fairy party - we built fairy houses and had rainbow cupcakes and it was so much fun!