Monday, July 12, 2010

a hidden beauty

It seems appropriate to share this book this week since it was acquired this same week last year and has become a favorite in our summer book basket. What's Hiding in There? is the latest in a line of beautifully illustrated, magical books from Daniela Drescher. With just a bit of simple text and lift-the-flap fun, Finn was entranced from the minute I bought this book last year.

In the land of elves and fairies, you can find hidden wildlife, sweet fruits and other fairy folk around every corner, or behind every flap.

The animals are beautifully rendered and the landscapes full of light. And the flowers look like you could smell them right through the page.

As the night falls, you'll find yourself flipping back to the beginning to explore the forest anew.


  1. We love this book, too. Well, any of her books :)

  2. I love her books and didn't know about this one! Thank you!

  3. oh! our preschoolers lovelovelove this book :)