Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Tail of Emily Windsnap

Today, I have a guest blogger to share a bit about The Tail of Emily Windsnap. Elizabeth is my 9 year old daughter and a lover of fairy tales and magical stories. She discovered Emily Windsnap at a local bookstore and fell in love with her so she wanted to share Emily's story with you.

Emily Windsnap is 12 years old. She never knew her secret until she saw it. Her mom had never let her in water before (except showers). One day she begged her mom so much to please be allowed to take swim lessons. On the first day, she jumped in the pool. Soon her legs stiffened like stone; she shrieked. The lifeguard dove in after her and pulled her out of the water. She told him what happened, and he said it was just a cramp.

That night, she couldn't get over it. Since they lived on a houseboat, she decided to try again in the ocean water. So she put on her swimsuit and dove into the ocean. The same thing happened. She tried to tell herself that it was another cramp. Then her legs disappeared, and in place of them was a long green and blue tail. She was very excited, and she quickly swam around a little bit. This discovery led to finding a friend just like her and finding her father who she had never met.

I really enjoyed The Tail of Emily Windsnap because it's a great book, full of adventure, great details and even some mystery. The Tail of Emily Windsnap also has two sequels which I'm reading now!

Thanks, Elizabeth, for writing a review of The Tail of Emily Windsnap!


  1. sounds like a GREAT book that my daughter, who is drawing a picture of the ocean and sharks right this minute, would REALLY enjoy. Thanks Elizabeth!

  2. Well written Elizabeth! My eleven year old daughter also loves this book very much.

  3. nicely done Elizabeth! Your review certainly makes me want to go find the book, it sounds fabulous! Thank you!

  4. Thank you! I think my 8 year old Lola would love this:)