Friday, October 1, 2010

Owl Babies

Finn received Owl Babies when he was around 18 months old, and it quickly became his favorite book to read at bedtime. The heartwarming story of these 3 baby owls who wait patiently, if nervously, for their owl mommy to return from her journey will melt any mama's heart, and the lyrical text will captivate any little one's attention.

Martin Waddell's illustrations provide the perfect compliment to the sweet dialogue between the little owl siblings. The owl babies look like an amazing combination of adorable, innocent, and anxious with their huge eyes and soft downy feathers.

Little Bill particularly captured Finn's heart, which I spoke of here, and we would frequently read the story together with me pausing for him to recite the words of Bill. You could almost hear Finn's breath catch in his throat nearly every time we arrived at this page where the 3 baby owls closed their eyes wishing that their mother would return quickly.

"And she came. Soft and silent, she swooped through the trees to Sarah and Percy and Bill."

I can guarantee this little book will steal your heart and provide the perfect book to snuggle in your own nest with your mama-needing little ones.


  1. Thanks to your recommendation a while back, this has becaome one of Liam's favorite books as well! :-)

  2. I LOVE this book. My little boy seemed to like the book (he's 2.5) but after we read it he started obsessing over mommy being gone and now he won't stay in his bed at night. It's probably a stage, not the book's fault ;) I hope we can return to this book someday because it really is a great book!

  3. when my daughter was little this was our favorite book! tis a keeper