Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tyger Tyger, burning bright

This is such an odd little poetry book that I'm not sure how to begin describing it, but since each of our kids could quote the first verse of The Tyger before they were out of diapers, I couldn't avoid it's inclusion here at The Book Children. A Visit to William Blake's Inn is a Newberry Medal-winning, Caldecott honor book that I just stumbled upon at our favorite used bookstore. (Don't you just love happenstance that provides little gems like that?) With Chagall (notice flying animals) meets Rousseau meets Russian Orthodox art/architecture, the illustrations lend a vintage feel, however you shouldn't assume that all is as it seems. Much like the myriad of interesting characters hosted at Blake's Inn, the illustration and verse will lead you on an imaginative journey not unlike Blake's own writing.

The older kids especially think the mirror of Blake's Tyger poem is particularly hilarious, and this book was probably worth the $2 price tag just for that snippet.

Although this is clearly a children's book, I really think that any collector of poetry or Blake admirer would find it enthralling. A Visit to William Blake's Inn definitely stands as a poetry book in it's own right.