Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pumpkin Moonshine

The first time I heard the title of this book, I remember thinking, "was there really a vintage children's book about making moonshine?!" (I guess I'm a true Southerner!) Fortunately, I'm here to tell you that Pumpkin Moonshine is actually a very sweet story and not at all about making moonshine. (Well, at least not the illegal alcoholic kind.) This book, written in 1938, is about making what we commonly call a jack-o-lantern.

Sylvie Ann learns about making pumpkin moonshines from her grandparents and it's on their farm that she sets off on an adventure to find the perfect pumpkin from which to make her moonshine.

Adventure and havoc ensue, of course, on her way from the pumpkin field back to her grandparents' house.

The illustrations, like all of Tasha Tudor's picture books, are simply sweet and full of the gentle breath of nature. From the animals to the pumpkin fields, the watercolors are comforting, and guaranteed to make you feel the of nostalgic pull of your own pumpkin moonshine-creating childhood.

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  1. I am from Chicago and I thought the moonshine thing was about booze at first too :) Love this book!

  2. I grabbed a little paperback copy of this at our library booksale for $0.25 last night. When I started reading that she was going to MAKE pumpkin moonshine, I thought the same thing! This coming from the wife of a husband who has made tomato wine and thinks jalapeno wine sounds good.

  3. Tasha is one of my fav authoress's. I was so fortunate to have tea with her on a few occasions:-) She was a treasure!

  4. Ann learns to moon pumpkin Hines of his grandparents, and it is on their farm, as she embarks on an adventure to find the perfect pumpkin for his moonlight.

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