Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Findus & Pettson

When I first heard of the Pettson and Findus series of books, I was drawn to them because the Findus sort of reminded me of my own Finn. Once I found out the books are Swedish, I was completely sold as some of our very favorite children's books come from Swedish authors. We currently own 2 of the Pettson and Findus books (although a little birdy told me Finn might receive a few more for Christmas), and they are some of our favorite picture books.

When Findus Was Little and Disappeared is actually one of the later titles in the series, but it's a favorite as it features Findus as a tiny little kitten and explains the story of his coming to live with Pettson and being named Findus. Of course, in typical Findus and Pettson fashion, there are many hijinks along the way, and the tiny creatures who also live in Pettson's house, and often mischievously move his belongings, are introduced.

Pettson treat Findus like a child, makes britches for him and they spend most of their time doing mundane things like crossword puzzles, making meals, and feeding the chickens. Nordqvist's illustrations add another layer to each story with little side details learned through the studying the pictures.

In Pancakes for Findus, Pettson's neighbors think he's a bit odd to celebrate Findus's birthday multiple times a year and to make pancakes using rather unorthodox ingredients.

Pettson and Findus have a blended relationship that's part parent-child and part grumpy co-habitors which makes for humorous and delightfully silly interaction. All's well that end's well when Pettson and Findus finally enjoy their pancakes in the garden by the gramophone.

I have to say that these picture books are some of my favorites to read aloud, and fortunately, Finn loves them too. We will definitely have fun building on this collection.


  1. I had searched for these books at our local library and since they weren't available presumed they hadn't been translated. We have received a couple of Findus & Pettson postcards over the last few months which is what had sparked my interest :)

  2. When Findus was little and is actually missing a title later in the series, but is a favorite because it has Findus as a kitten and tells the story of his coming to live with and Findus are Pettson named. Of course, in a typical manner and Pettson Findus, many pranks on the road, and small animals that also live in the house and often cleverly Pettson move your goods are packed.

  3. these look new and exciting for my children's book collection. thanks for the review.

  4. I like to read story book. It's not often that we come across books with such immediate and lasting appeal as Sven Nordqvist's 'Findus' series. The stories are ingenious, the characters are quirky and original, and the illustrations are absolutely delightful.

  5. Findus was little and one of the titles that disappeared from later in the series, but it is a favorite because it contains Findus like a little puppy, and tells the story of his coming to live and Pesonen is called Findus.

  6. Can someone who knows Swedish please tell us the proper pronunciation of the little cat's name? Is it F-EYE-n-dus? or FINN-dus? or F-EEN-dus? or F-EEN-dis? (I actually fear my question will never be answered, because all these other entries are dated 2010. Glum.)

    1. Several months later (sorry about that xD) and here's your answer, in case you haven't already found it on your own. :3