Monday, September 27, 2010

Hoglet the Spineless Hedgehog

I have a special guest reviewer for me today for Hoglet the Spineless Hedgehog, my oldest stepson, Paulie. The occasion that Hoglet came to join us was quite harrowing, and you can read about it here. As such, we've enjoyed his sweet presence in our home even more.

Summary: This book is about a spineless hedgehog named Hoglet. Hoglet will have to endure many things, such as starvation, frostbite, cats and owls. It will be especially hard for Hoglet because he is particularly small and, of course, has no spines. He has no clue what the future holds for him.

What I think: I thought this book was very entertaining. It was funny at first because he was very small and had no spines. But I soon became sorry for Hoglet because he didn't get a proper name. It was also suspenseful. For instance, when Hoglet was being carried off by the own, I thought he was a goner, but he wriggled free from the owl's talons. Sometimes it became scary, and I had to stop myself from leaning too close to the book. I was very happy when he got to Second Chance House and got his new name, Handsome!! I loved the story and wish there was a sequel.

Thank you, Paulie, for such a sweet review of a lovely, heartwarming tale. I'm sure Paulie's love of hedgehogs didn't color his review at all. ;)

We really did thoroughly enjoy this tale. As Paulie mentioned, there were a few tense scenes and even some sad parts, but his struggles proved to make the ending all the more satisfying. We are definitely looking forward to more of Allyson Marnoch's books!