Wednesday, September 8, 2010

adventures of Harry

After seeing this Harry the Dirty Dog Treasury on another blog, and feeling only a wee bit jealous since I never even knew such a treasury existed, I managed to stumble on a copy while thrifting over the weekend. Woohoo, 3 Harry books in 1 hard-backed volume for $4!

First in the volume, of course, is Harry the Dirty Dog, complete with his messy, sooty, muddy puppy friends and lots of construction vehicles. Needless to say, Finn loves this book and meticulously combs over every illustration.

We hadn't read No Roses for Harry before, so it was a nice treat to have a new book in the mix. Harry is gifted with a rose-covered sweater which is not quite his style. When a bird unravels his sweater and flies off with the long strand of wool yarn, Harry is thrilled.

You'll love seeing where the wool ended up and there's a happy surprise in store for Harry at the end. A win-win situation mixed with adventure, the makings of a wonderful tale.

This summer before our beach trip, I looked high and low at all my thrifting haunts hoping to snag a copy of Harry By The Sea. Alas, Harry and his sea-going adventures evaded me but now we have a copy for next time! I remember reading this to Elizabeth ages ago and loving the part where Harry is covered in seaweed and everyone thinks he's a sea monster. That's first rate preschool-age humor right there!

Of course, he manages to escape the seaweed in the end and enjoy the rest of his adventure at the beach. The mid-sixties beachside hot dog stand is adorable, as are the rest of the drawings in their tri-tone illustration. A sweet puppy of a find, for sure!