Thursday, September 23, 2010

apples in autumn

With the advent of autumn, we've been eagerly pulling out our favorite autumn books, and it's been especially fun to pour over our books on apples since our apple-picking excursion a few weeks ago. One of our favorite apple books is this photographic odyssey by Ken Robbins.

I really love how he illustrates his text with so many unique photographs. The colorful bee hives are one example. The orchard we visited kept bees as well, although their homes weren't quite as vibrant. :)

Apples contains many pictures of apple picking and the many varieties of apples with a bit of explanation about the planting and pruning.

But you'll also find unique artifacts like this shot of a hundred year old apple press used for making cider. Everytime I see this, I wonder if my great-grandfather (who farmed apples a little bit west of here, in the mountains of NC) used a press like this when he made cider. I should remember to ask my grandmother!

And the applesauce! One of our more popular autumn pastimes; the reason for all the freezer bags full of apples we stored away for winter. I also love their orange pot! See, it's a great book for mamas and little ones to drool over together.

Are you including some apple activities in your autumn?


  1. I love it! I will look for this one for sure, thank you Joy.

  2. Ok...I want that book. I haver never thought about making our own applesauce. Does it come with receipes too?

  3. Liam's class is focusing on apples this week in school...he is in heaven because they made applesauce! He doesn't eat much but he can eat apples all day! This looks like a great book! :-)