Friday, July 25, 2014

Flashback Friday: Bunnicula

My youngest fell under the spell of Bunnicula a few months ago, just as his brothers did when they were about his age. It took a bit of convincing as the cover art made him nervous. (I think I remember similar expressions from his older brothers.) Once we'd read a chapter or two together, he was hooked.

Bunnicula is the story of Chester, the cat, and Howard, the dog, who live a rather charmed life with their human family. The father is a professor, and Chester enjoys listening to his lectures. The family's sons are kind and fun to play with. Into the mix comes a new pet, a bunny with fangs, named Bunnicula. Shortly after the new bunny arrives, the family finds a white tomato on the table one morning. The family seems dismissive of the bunny's juice-sucking skills, but Chester is determined to catch Bunnicula in the matter the cost! Predictably, various hijinks ensue in this effort.

Bunnicula is a classic read for those just beginning to read chapter books independently. Bunnicula is also a great introduction to the genre of mystery and scary stories for 1st to 3rd graders who need to take baby steps into that pool.


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