Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Exclamation Mark!

From the authors of Duck! Rabbit! comes another delightfully quirky read, Exclamation Mark! The exclamation mark does not understand why he is so different from the plain, serious periods in his life. He did everything he could to make himself more like them, and then he met another strange looking fellow who stands out from the periods, the question mark! After he tires of listening to all of question mark's queries, he discovers his purpose in being different from the others.

I thoroughly enjoyed this simple, yet highly amusing, book about basic punctuation. Better yet, my 7 year old LOVED it. I thought a few of the puns might fly over his head, but each time he read through the book, he'd discover another humorous remark and come running to show me. He must have read this book two dozen times in the first 3-4 days he owned it. It is that much fun! In addition to the entertaining text, the uncomplicated, bold illustrations perfectly match the personality of the characters. (Pun intended.) The early elementary lined paper makes the perfect backdrop for this punctuation story.

You can find Exclamation Mark! in the Picture Books section of The Book Children Store.