Friday, June 20, 2014

Flashback Friday: Frog and Toad

My kids have enjoyed many iterations of the Frog and Toad collection over the years. My older kids read the individual early reader books. Somewhere along the way, we picked up the Frog and Toad Treasury, containing 3 books, and the CD with all four books read by Arnold Lobel himself. I can safely say that all four of my children enjoyed these sweet and optimistic books at various times. 

The beauty of Frog and Toad is that while they are early readers, the stories are simple and mimic every day life. Each book contains 5 stories about what could be considered mundane life events, but somehow under Lobel's pen, they become joyous and relatable. Flying a kite, waiting for the seasons to change, wishing to receive mail, and above all, maintaining friendships, these simple occurrences of every day life are so easy for children to connect to their own lives. Sprinkled with humor, Frog and Toad manage to win the affection of nearly every preschooler to early elementary schooler who immerse themselves in these pages. That beginning readers can read these for themselves is surely a bonus!

You can find the Frog and Toad Treasury in the Early Readers section of The Book Children Store.