Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Emily Rose's Day at the Farm

Emily-Rose's Day at the Farm is a sweet story about a little girl who loves to visit her Grammy at the farm. Every visit, she watches her Grammy feed the animals and wishes that she could feed them as well. Her Grammy remarks that the animals are too rambunctious for Emily-Rose to help. Emily-Rose isn't quite sure what rambunctious means, but one day when she visits the farm her Grammy finally agrees to let Emily-Rose help feed the animals. Hooray! When the chicks try to peck her boots, the pigs splash slop on her, and the ducks chase her, Emily-Rose finally understands what her Grammy means when she says the animals are rambunctious!

Emily-Rose's Day at the Farm is a heart-warming story of a little girl who admires her grandmother. Emily-Rose is a likable character, and her Grammy is very loving. The story moves along nicely, and the illustrations are rather cartoonish, but very sweet. Children will delight in the mishaps that befall Emily as she moves about the farm feeding the animals. These tales are filled with humor, and Emily-Rose's good attitude. Overall Emily-Rose's Day at the Farm is a great story for pre-school through kindergarten aged children who will identify with and understand Emily-Rose's antics.

You can find Emily-Rose's Day at the Farm in the Picture Books section of The Book Children Store.