Tuesday, June 17, 2014

10 Books for Space-Loving Kids

Mousetronaut is the tale of a little mouse who has a great desire to travel into space. He studies hard and prepares well, and he is finally chosen for an important mission. While in space, disaster strikes and the little mouse is the only crew member who can save the mission. Mousetronaut is written by actual astronaut, Mark Kelly! For preschool through grade 2.

Fly Guy Presents Space contains accessible bites of space information for grades pre-K-3. Fans of the Fly Guy books will appreciate the narration provided by Fly Guy and Buzz while they visit a space museum. Fly Guy and Buzz learn about planets, stars, comets and asteroids, sharing that information sprinkled their customary humor. Striking photographs enhance this humorous presentation.

There's No Place Like Space is part of The Cat in the Hat's Learning Library. With rhythmic text and silly adventure, The Cat in the Hat presents each of the eight planets in the solar system. There's No Place Like Space is a fun way for grades K-3 to begin learning about concepts such as the solar system, telescopes, constellations, and satellites.

Moonshot depicts the historic mission of Apollo 11 with gorgeous illustrations from Brian Floca, this year's Caldecott winning artist. Floca depicts the entire mission from getting the astronauts snapped into their uniform and gear to the ROAR of the rockets and the hushed tones of the moon. Filled with greater detail than most picture books, Moonshot is perfect for kindergarten through grade 5.

Planets, by National Geographic Kids, is a lovely early reader with an appropriate reading level for grades 1-3. Illustrated with vivid photographs, Planets introduces the reader to the solar system, particularly the planets and dwarf planets, with plenty of intriguing facts sprinkled among the lovely photos.

Another title by National Geographic Kids, the First Big Book of Space is an amazing large book meant to satiate the appetite of the elementary kid who is obsessed with learning more about space. Plenty of large photographs liberally sprinkled with age-appropriate bits of info, any space-loving 1st through 4th grader with a passion for learning more about space.

The Smart Kids series presents Space, the perfect first glimpse into the solar system for early elementary kids who long to learn about everything from planets to UFOs to space shuttles. Full of impressive photography and smaller bits of informational text, Space is sure to be a hit for grades K-3.

Zoo in the Sky
captures the sparkling twinkle of the stars above us, matching them with the animals that have long been associated with each constellation. Each animal comes to life in beautiful painting over-layed with the stars that will help them identify the constellation in the night sky. The rich text accompanying these paintings brings the night sky to life in this book of legends intended for grades 1-5.

A Black Hole is NOT a Hole covers new territory in lively and humorous text appropriate for grades 2-6. Beginning with introduction to gravity and moving to the complex scientific concept of black holes, A Black Hole is NOT a Hole uses humor and excellent illustrations to keep the reader engaged. Even adults may learn something new at the hands of this witty book.

Space Encyclopedia, another National Geographic Kids title, is for the kid who has blown through all of our other space books and still has the yearning to know more. Intended for upper elementary through middle school, Space Encyclopedia is similar to the Big Book of Space in that it cover a wide variety of space topics, but decidedly more in depth than the Big Book. Space Encyclopedia will be your go-to resource for space-obsessed children and solar system school reports for years to come.


  1. Oh, this list is awesome, I am a nut for space books. We will be pining these on our to be read list. Thanks so much for joining us on the Kid Lit Blog Hop

  2. Thank you for sharing this great list in the kid lit blog hop. Mousetronaut looks so cute :)

  3. My oldest son always loved to read anything about outer space when he was little. We read many of the books on your list, which is great by the way. Thanks for sharing!