Tuesday, August 24, 2010

poetry from a child's garden

The wonderful, if ubiquitous, A Child's Garden of Verses, found it's way into our family over the summer, and I am thoroughly enjoying it's addition to our poetry collection. Although I have had this book on my list for ages, I hemmed and hawed over exactly which version I desired until the thrifting gods decided for me. For the record, the classic illustrated version is absolutely amazing, although I can't only imagine that the Tasha Tudor illustrated version is quite nice too. Maybe we need two copies?

These poems just really call to me. The language and ideas are so pre-WWII in the best way. Like the poem below..."world is full of meat and drink...children saying grace...every Christian kind of place." Not exactly the children's poetry of the 2000s, but in a sweet, nostalgic way, I wish it was.

And the illustrations in this version really are sweet. From the antiquated clothes to the simple lines and color, I really enjoy the simplicity.

I'm trying to start a new rhythm this year by reading a verse of poetry, a Bible verse or something else meaningful while the children are eating breakfast in the mornings. I hope it will become a tradition they enjoy. This morning, we read about The Wind. Elizabeth commented that it was interesting that the opposing page picture for The Wind was of kids flying kites, but it didn't show the kites, only the kids. I love it when they are observant in noticing details like that, especially before 7 am.

I really don't think you could go wrong with any version of this book. Keep it in a handy place and find some time for a poem a day. We'll start our tradition together. :)


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  2. (oops) I actually paid full price for this one. It is wonderful!

  3. What a lovely idea for a tradition! We also love this book and some other poetry book favorites. I didn't know there was a Tasha Tudor version! Must go check it out!

  4. ahhh...I so love this space you have created:) these books are just fantastic!

  5. I have eight or so different versions of The Child's Garden of Verses, including the Tasha Tudor one. They are all beautiful in their own way. Some of my Lambies favor one particular one over another, so I keep them all. One of my favorites, though it has only selections, is illustrated by Jessie Wilcox Smith.