Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Harry and Horsie

The minute I laid eyes on this book, I knew it would be a hit at our house. The artwork alone is a fabulous first picture book from Lincoln Agnew. A little bit modern and a lot retro, this book has such a winning combination of adventure, sentimentality and suspense that most preschoolers (and their parents) would be hard-pressed to resist.

Seriously, see those dots! So reminiscent of Lichtenstein and his fabulous cartoon art.

The author is Katie Van Camp, otherwise known as the nanny to David Letterman's son, Harry, who the book was written for, along with his pal, Horsie.

Ack...the art just astounds me! I *heart* it in a serious way. :)

Needless to say, Finn loves this book. We read it nightly for about 3 months, and he still regularly pulls it from his shelf to flip through in the evenings. All the rockets and racing cars immensely appeal to my boy. And the heartwarming end will leave you satisfied that inside every rough and tumble boy who dreams of rockets and fast cars lives a sentimental spirit.


  1. My boys love this book! I always loved the artwork, but didn't make the Lichtenstein connection until you mentioned it! AND I didn't realize that it had been written for David Letterman's son... thanks for all the background on it :)

  2. This has been on my wish list for my 3 and 5yo boys since Margaret's've helped bump it up!