Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Make Way For Ducklings giveaway!

You knew it was coming, didn't you? After all, you can hardly have a proper children's book blog without one of Robert McCloskey's books coming up at some point. I'd be hard pressed to choose a favorite between Make Way For Ducklings and Blueberries for Sal, but for today, let's just discuss Make Way for Ducklings, shall we?

I can't even remember the first time I read Make Way For Ducklings, but it's safe to say that this charismatic brood of feathered friends have been with me for a long time. I remember being slightly disappointed as a child that the book wasn't "colorized", but now I feel that it lends a bit of charm.

The story first grabbed me as a small look into the parental mind when the duck parents were searching out a home for their ducklings. Having settled on an island in the middle of Boston Public Garden, the duck family embarks on a harrowing journey to the safety of their new home. (If we ever make a family trip to Boston, this will be on my must-see list.)

Finn's favorite page is the spread with the near accident between the cars and the duck family. No surprise, since my boy loves cars. But he always laughs out loud at all the honking and quacking going on here, a bit of levity in a scene that could seem harrowing to a preschooler.

Of course, a friendly policeman is nearby to help the duck family safely across the dangerous road.

And they eventually make their way to the promised land.

I happen to have an extra new copy of this wonderful book, although I'm sure many households already hold a copy of this jewel. No matter, it could be a lovely gift for a niece or nephew or simply the next child's birthday party you attend. Everyone should make way for these ducklings. ;) Just leave me a comment, become a follower, and/or leave me a comment letting me know you referred to this giveaway from your blog and you'll be entered up to 3 times for the giveaway. I'll draw a winner on Friday morning at noon.

According to the random number generator, Charlotte is the winner! Please email me your address so I can mail Make Way For Ducklings to you!


  1. OOHH- I'm the first to comment. I have read this book, but we don't own it and would love a copy. I use lots of books with the kiddos I work with.

  2. we totally just had that book from the library and had to return it today. both boys loved it and it is actually a book we dont have! (c:

  3. I love this book but I don't think we own a copy, I'd love to be entered!

  4. We have a much loved copy of this book at my house to, but you're right, it would make a great gift!

  5. Oh, my younger guy loves this book and we don't have a copy! :)

  6. This book is a truly timeless classic. I love the look on the mama duck's face as she crosses with the police man's help and the cars have to stop. It's as if she's saying - "So there, that's what you get for trying to run over my family the other day."
    Thank you for the giveaway Joy!

  7. Oh you just HAVE to take the kids to the Garden and snap a picture of Finn sitting on one of the baby duck statues! Every kid I grew up with had a photo like that. haha...now I need to dig mine up...

    (Don't enter me though because I just bought this book.)

  8. I love this book, but haven't bought it for my daughter yet!! She LOVES ducks, so I'm sure it will be a hit!

    ANd I became a follower!

  9. Leviah would LOVE this one...she's a quack ;)