Thursday, June 10, 2010

beginning of The Book Children

Has there ever been something that was such an integral part of your life that you don't ever remember it not being there? A deep love of books has been a core part of my inner being for as long as I can remember. My mother says it runs in my family. I think my father owns as many books as just about anyone I know. He even built bookshelves in his office and our house, including a pair of small shelves for my brother and me, and when Paul and I married, our first addition to this house was floor to ceiling bookshelves in a small room off of our living room which became the library.

Some of my earliest memories include being read to by my mother and grandmother. My favorite bed growing up was the double bed I had as an elementary schooler with a built-in bookcase in the headboard. I kept all my favorite Bobbsey Twins books on that shelf, and I would read until late into the night with just the light coming through the crack in my door to see by.

I don't think I was ever as avid a book collector as I became when I had my first child. So desperate was I to raise children who love reading, I began collecting as many wonderful children's books that crossed my path as I could, starting with many of my own favorites from childhood. I've become relatively picky with my children's books over the last several years. There are just too many good ones to choose from. Why settle for less than a fabulous illustration or a great story. I hope to bring many of our favorites to this space and also hear of some new ones along the way.

Join me, won't you!


  1. I so know what you mean. I started collecting kids books before I really knew I even wanted kids! I will have to zap some favorites your way. I love this idea for a blog, I know I will find lots of love here :)

  2. Our house is filled to the gills with children's books- we love every one! I'm excited about your new little bloggy here!

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