Thursday, September 4, 2014


After reading Journey, the Caldecott Honor-winning wordless picture book by Aaron Becker, I was certain there would never be another wordless picture book as beautiful and captivating as Journey is. And then Becker came along and released a sequel. If possible, Quest is even more captivating than Journey. Oh sure, there are far less lovely, quiet scenes of sparkling streams and rolling hills, deep forests beckoning our adventurer. But there are more majestic cities, amazingly detailed architecture, for which Becker is quickly becoming known, and breathtaking scenery. Quest is truly an epic sequel. (I don't often toss around the word "epic", especially for a picture book, but there is no other description for this incredible work of art.) is an appropriate title for Becker's website; the story breathing he manages with pen, ink, and watercolor is simply remarkable.


  1. I can't say, clearly enough, just how much I LOVE these books! Aaron Becker is amazing! I have these and can't wait for the third of this trilogy: Return :D

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