Thursday, August 21, 2014

Mr. Tiger Goes Wild

Mr. Tiger is tired of his prim and proper position in the city and begins showing a few of his stripes. First by walking on all fours, soon progressing to shedding his clothes and...ROARing. *shudder* The upstanding members of his community suggest that perhaps he would be more comfortable acting wildly out in the wilderness. Mr. Tiger obliges, and although he finds the wilderness a freeing place to be wild, he soon finds that he misses his friends back in the city. He is welcomed back to town, in clothes, of course, and to his delight, he finds that some changes have occurred in his absence.

Mr. Tiger Goes Wild. The anthem of of children everywhere. Where do they go to unleash the wild bottled inside them? Mr. Tiger Goes Wild is an entertaining look at our desire to be recognized for who we are inside. I'm quite a fan of the dapper animals depicted in the beginning of the book, and an even bigger fan of their language, a perfectly appropriate level for children, yet indicative of the level of snootiness rampant in Mr. Tiger's city. Indeed. Unacceptable! Peter Brown's illustrations are a perfect compliment for the story. This dichromatic, rather simple style of artwork has taken off recently in children's picture books, and the results are very engaging. Mr. Tiger is no exception; from the rooftops to the buttoned up characters to the wilderness, the results are bold, bright, and humorous.